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My style is to create an open and warm connection, to facilitate your journey!

  • Networker with an eye for talent

  • Dedicated

  • Trust worthy

  • Good listener

  • Challenging

  • Authentic

  • Goal oriented

  • Open-minded

  • Concrete

  • Intuitive

Who is in the drivers seat of your life

After a life changing event, I consciously chose to follow my own path. I immediately created a bucket list with my life goals. Ever since I focus on these goals and guess what, it works, it really works!


Driving around in a VAN was on the top of my bucket list. For me the VAN symbolises that you and I are in the driver's seats of our own lives, hence the name VAN Coaching.


In the past 21 years I have conducted over 3500 interviews and (career, life, love) coaching conversations for VAN Coaching, HEINEKEN, VODW and Deloitte. With more than 35 nationalities, but more importantly with driven people who are in the middle of life’s big decisions.


To keep developing myself as a coach I do supervision, intervision and trainings on specific topics on a regular basis. I did several accredited coaching educations like the Coach Intensive, Co-Active Coaching Fundamentals and the Coach Expert that further sharpened my own coaching methodology. I work very close together with NONONS and I am a registered and accredited Senior Practitioner Coach at the NOBCO (Foundation Dutch Order of Professional Coaches) and work according to their Global Code of Ethics.


I would love to meet you to find out who is in the driver's seat of your (love) life and to know more about the journey that you are on.


My years of experience and training have lead me to develop my personal style & approach to coaching. Click here for further information.

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