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“Anneke quickly gets to the core and focuses on this during the follow up sessions. She has a practical approach therefore I was able to solve a number of work issues. She knows how to create the right setting so I could easily open up.” (Jotta)

“Anneke aims high from the first until the last session. She challenges you to find and realise your own goal. She further researches those topics that, in the end, contribute to a concrete and practical result.” (Marijn)

“Beautiful coaching. I got clear insights in what I want, what I can do and how to achieve my goals. Anneke is a pleasant, goal- oriented coach who helped me to find my path. Everybody should now and then get access to coaching, to reflect and to realise where they currently are." (Floor)

"Anneke helped me understand what I was looking for in a job by asking all the right questions, questions that I would have never asked myself! Her support and guidance helped me plan and realise what I wanted to achieve in the coming year and the tools and techniques she taught me are continuing to help me help myself in planning my future. It was an extremely insightful and rewarding experience that I would recommend to anyone." (Julie)

“Anneke immediately creates an atmosphere so you feel at ease and at the same time challenged. The concrete assignments and good conversations gave me a lot of new and valuable insights." (Frank, doctor)

“She ensures that you create your own landmarks and discoveries during your journey. You already feel the results during the sessions!” (Monique)

“Anneke is analytical, efficient and adequate; a real goal getter. An absolute recommendation if you aim for more." (Bas)

“When I, via a friend, got in contact with Anneke, I was at a crossroad in many aspects of my life and was not sure in what direction to go, or what was stopping me from moving forward. As many men, I had doubts about career/life coaching. However, the life coaching sessions with Anneke were an eye-opener that helped me with the path onwards, with my current studies and life in general. During the sessions, I got a stronger focus on a realistic goal and the path to reach that goal. I became more organised with a clear positive outlook and motivation. As a coach, Anneke is down to earth and professional, but also sensitive and helpful. She established good rapport the first time we met and later on, which was essential for me to open up. She was very clear and explained everything very well, firm and focused when needed, gently directing you to take ownership of your thoughts and behaviours so you can find answers yourself. Anneke’s memory for the things I said during our sessions was impressive. Her professional background in developing and coaching talents at Heineken International also adds to her coaching talent. I now clearly see the benefits of coaching and can highly recommend Anneke to help you to move further on." (Marco) 

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