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Who is in the drivers seat of your life


  • Do you want to be in the driver's seat of your own life and need support?

  • Do you want to reflect on your career?


VAN Coaching is for doctors who want to:

  • grow personally or professionally

  • decide which specialisation to choose

  • prepare the application for their specialisation

  • develop themselves on themes like assertiveness, career, communication, dealing with change, dealing with responsibility, making decisions, fear of failure, perfectionism, quality of life, relationships, self-confidence and work life balance

The coaching is about you. About your needs and wishes, about your behaviour, about your awareness, about your path.


In the past 21 years I have conducted over 3500 interviews and (career, life, love) coach conversations for VAN Coaching, HEINEKEN, VODW and Deloitte. I grew up in a doctors family and have a passion for your practice. I know your challenges. Due to my extensive experience, I am able to build a bridge from business to the medical world. Click testimonials to read about people's experiences.

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