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Who is in the drivers seat of your life


  • Did you get stuck in your relationship and need help?

  • Do you want to be a team again?

  • Do you want to better understand each other?

  • Do you want to deepen your relationship?


I strongly believe this world needs L O V E & understanding and we can all contribute to that, starting with yourself and your (closest) relationship. During relationship coaching we will be working on the awareness of your interactions and also work on your so called 'airbag skills' as a couple.

The coaching is about you. About your needs and wishes, about your behaviour, about your awareness, about your path as a couple.


In the past 21 years I have conducted over 3500 interviews and (career, life, love) coach conversations for VAN Coaching, HEINEKEN, VODW and Deloitte. With more than 35 nationalities, but more importantly with ambitious people who are in the middle of life’s big decisions. I did a specific education on couple coaching and I keep developing myself as a (relationship) coach.

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